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Lovearth Network Newsletter June / July 2001
Volume II Number VI

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This Issue Is Dedicated To
Jack Lemmon, Jim Morrison And Harry Chapin

Jack Lemmon died of cancer on Thursday June 27th 2001 at the age of 76.
Jack was one of the best actors there has ever been, from comedy to
tragedy, he could do it all. From his Academy Award winning performance
for best supporting Actor in Mister Roberts to Some Like It Hot to The
Apartment, to Days Of Wine And Roses to The Fortune Cookie to The
Odd Couple to Avanti! to The Out Of Towner's to his Academy Award
winning performance for best Actor in Save the Tiger to The China Syndrome
to Tribute to Missing to JFK to Glengarry Glen Ross to Grumpy Old Men to
a lifetime of brilliant work. Bless you Jack Lemmon for carefully choosing
many of your roles for their social and / or political message. Bless you
and thank you Jack Lemmon for all of the laughter, tears and inner
searching your more than four decades of films have brought to us, and
will continue to bring to future generations forever.


On Tuesday July 3, 2001 it will be 30 years since the death of one of
the greatest and most radical rock singers of the late 60's, Jim Morrison.
Thank you and bless you Jim for your unmistakable mystical vocals with
The Doors and your revolutionary poetic words to change the status quo.


On Monday July 16, 2001 it will be 20 years since the death of one of
the most beautiful and giving men I ever met in my life, Harry Chapin.
Thank you and bless you Harry for your library of wondrous music and
for the awareness you gave us for all the starving people on our Earth.


On Monday July 16, 2001 it will be 2 years since the death of the only
person who could have run on a third party ticket for Presidency of the
United States and won the popular vote. If he had decided to run in 2000
against Gore and Bush, every women, minority and youth would have come
out and voted like never before, for him. He probably would have received
at least 35% of the vote. Both Gore and Bush would have received 30%
each and the remaining 5% would have gone to Ralph Nader and the other
third parties candidates.

His winning the popular vote by over 5% would not however have won him
the Presidency. Why, because he would not have won enough states to
gather the needed 270 votes that would be a majority of the 538 Electoral
College votes. So the Electoral College goes to the House and Senate for
a vote. In the House, 433 out of 435 members are Democrats and
Republicans, in the Senate; it is 99 out of 100. Since both the House and
the Senate were controlled by the Republicans, Bush would have won.

Finally, this would have exposed this clever antique law, the Electoral
College, for what it really is, and no one ever talks about this. It is the
final insurmountable hurdle put in place that makes completely sure no
third party candidate can ever become a President of the United States.

Learning this fact would have started people to protest and rebel for
changing the law so that the winner of the popular vote is elected the
President. You then of course have to ask yourself, who had the most to
gain in the untimely death of the only person in America who could have
run on a Third Party ticket and won the popular vote for President?
Bless you John F. Kennedy Jr.


Thursday June 6, 1968
The Day The United States Died

by Mark Elsis

"Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it."
Robert F. Kennedy

Right after delivering a rousing speech to an overflowing ballroom of
exuberant campaign supporters thanking them for helping him win the
big prize of the California Democratic primary for President, the junior
Senator from New York State, Robert Francis Kennedy was shot at by
an assassin four times within a couple of inches. He was wounded by
three of the bullets with the fourth bullet going through his jacket.
The exact time was 12:15am Wednesday morning June 5, 1968. The
location was the kitchen pantry of the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles.
I was only a 10 year old boy back then, but I somehow knew the day
Bobby Kennedy died, the next day, Thursday June 6, 1968, was the
day the United States died.

If this assassination of Bobby Kennedy didn't happen, he would have
been the Democratic presidential nominee in 1968. He then would have
faced the Republican presidential nominee, Richard Milhouse Nixon, in
the November election. Bobby most likely would have won and been the
next President of the United States. Since Bobby was opposed to the
Viet Nam War ( police action ), this would have put an end to it in 1969
instead of 1975.

This death by assassination of Bobby Kennedy occurred only 63 days
after the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in
Memphis and also less then 5 years after his older brother, President
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, was assassinated in Dallas.

The United States has never been the same since. The dreams of a
better, more democratic life for all Americans was brutally slain over and
over and over again. We were then, and we still are living in a fascistic
country that is run by an evil military industrial corporate complex that
assassinate leaders for not playing ball, their war machine ball. On
Monday December 8, 1980 the demonic force struck again, this time
assassinating the greatest singer songwriter and the most influential
political artist of our time, John Lennon.

I discovered an interesting fact about the last three major assassinations.
King, Kennedy and Lennon were all executed during the time of a lame
duck presidency. President Lyndon Baines Johnson became a lame duck
on March 31, 1968 when he said he would not run for reelection even if
the Democrats wanted him to. Four days later Martin was assassinated.
Sixty-three days later Bobby was assassinated. On November 4, 1980
President James Earl Carter lost the presidential election to Ronald Wilson
Reagan, thus becoming a lame duck. Thirty-four days later the heartbeat
of music for a generation, John Winston Lennon was assassinated.

In every single major assassination these black-op conspirator killers have
actually had the balls to blame it on some poor deranged lone gunman.
They have had a patsy or a mind controlled Manchurian candidate fall guy
for the last four assassinations. Lee Harvey Oswald for President John
Fitzgerald Kennedy, James Earl Ray for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.,
Sirhan Bishara Sirhan for Senator Robert Francis Kennedy and Mark
David Chapman for John Winston Lennon.

No one has since dared to speak out too loud or long about the multitude
of critical environmental problems or the vastly unjust inequality that exists
for most of the people on Earth. Everyone now is pretty much playing ball.
There was only one person left in America who could have really upset the
status quo if he wished to. Then ever so conveniently on July 16, 1999
John Fitzgerald Kennedy Junior's plane took a dive into the Atlantic Ocean.

Bless you Bobby for finally understanding the needs of all Americans,
especially the poorer discriminated southern blacks. Bless you Bobby for
finally realizing the needlessness of the Viet Nam war and promising to end
it if you became President. Bless you Bobby for having the courage to run
for President when you knew what would most likely happen to you, and it
did, on Thursday June 6, 1968, the day you and the United States died.

Six people were shot in the kitchen pantry that night. Lying on the floor,
shot three times, Bobby's last audible words were "Is everybody okay?"


Greatest Quotes From The 365 Top EcoHumanePolitical Celebrities

"Each time a person stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of
others… they send forth a ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a
million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current
that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

More of the Greatest Quotes at

The .Com Websites For 365 Top EcoHumanePolitical Celebrities


Star Wars Returns

"Star Wars Returns," a video documentary exposing how the Bush
administration is moving to make space a new arena of war, in violation
of the intent of international law, has just been released by EnviroVideo.

The documentary is being distributed in the U.S. and around the world.
"Star Wars Returns" is narrated and was written by investigative
reporter and journalism Professor Karl Grossman, directed and edited
by Emmy Award-winner Steve Jambeck and produced by Joan Flynn.

It presents U.S. military documents setting forth U.S. plans to "control
space" and from space "dominate" the earth below. It reveals the multi-
billion dollar U.S. development program now underway to produce space-
based laser weapons, and that far more than "missile defense" is involved.
It also details the international opposition to the U.S. Star Wars program.


Here Are Some Important Direct Actions You Should Get Involved With

Information for all of them can be found at http://www.DirectActions.net

Stop New Nuclear Power
Sign the following letter regarding nuclear power and the Kyoto protocol.
George W. Bush recently released his climate change plan for the U. S.
which includes, among other environmentally hazardous policies
"Promoting new construction of nuclear capacity that could significantly
reduce future greenhouse gas emissions." The administration is
threatening to expedite license extensions and licenses for "advanced"
reactors at the expense of safety.

Stop The McLicensing For Nuclear Power Companies

At the urging of the nuclear power industry, the Nuclear Regulatory
Commission is proposing to go beyond its current "one-step" licensing
process and push the public entirely out of any kind of meaningful
licensing hearings. For the first time in regulatory history, all reactor
licensing proceedings including the initial licensing for new reactors,
license extension for aging reactors and license amendments to reactor
safety procedures could be conducted under expedited hearings where
the public's due process to legally challenge reactor licensing issues is
systematically eliminated.

Boycott ExxonMobil
The best way to stop rising gas prices is to boycott the world's largest
oil company. ExxonMobil made $5 billion in the last quarter. If we simply
don't buy gas at ExxonMobil supply and demand will bring down the price.

Stop Genetically Engineered Fish
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is currently reviewing the
company A/F Protein's application to sell genetically engineered (GE)
salmon. Urge the FDA not to approve the application because GE fish
pose an unnecessary and unacceptable risk to the marine environment
and potentially to human health.


Here Are Some Important News Stories /
Articles You Should Be Reading

Consumers In Nuclear States
Pay 25 Percent More For Electricity.
by Public Citizen

Global Warming Is Real And Particularly Strong
by The National Academy Of Sciences

Silence Of The Lambs
The Failure Of United States Journalism
How the president of the United States was elected.
by Greg Palast

Environmental Heroes Win Goldman Prize
Eight people from six countries awarded this
most prestigious prize for environmental activism.

Trade Above All
Export Credit Agencies
Fund Immoral And Environmentally Damaging Projects
Export credit agencies ( ECA's ) subsidize almost 8 percent of annual
world trade. Government-supported loans, guarantees and insurance
schemes back up more than $400 billion worth of annual exports. ECA's
dwarf international institutions like the World Bank in aggregate financial
clout and real-world impact. The lack of common environmental and
social standards for ECA's has led to a misuse of public resources,
and has undermined the long-term interests of everyone on this planet.
by Bruce Rich

Poverty, Market Fundamentalism And The Media
There are 4 clauses in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights
that have remained invisible because the media never mention them.
Articles 23-26 describe economic and social human rights.
These articles, if enforced, would help billions of people.
by Palagummi Sainath

Rainforest Action Network Comes Under Right-Wing Attack
Inspired by a friendly Bush administration, a trio of anti-environmental
groups and companies is launching a multi-tiered attack on the
Rainforest Action Network (RAN). Best known for its headline-grabbing
campaigns to protect forests, RAN has a proven track record of altering
corporate behavior through a wide range of pressure tactics.

Comprehensive Analysis Of NAFTA's 7-year Record Documents
Bitter Harvest of Broke Farmers And Higher Consumer Food Prices
By Public Citizen


I Still Imagine

In first grade
My President was blown away
I wondered why
In fifth grade
Martin and Robert were filled with lead
I began to understand
In the summer before high school
Morrison was in French soil
But no one was there
I became scared
For John
The warmest 8th of December
In New York City history
I was driving my cab
When Vinny broke the news
John Lennon was assassinated
Every day from that day till today
At 29
When I pass 1 West 72nd Street
I feel humanity
Has no hope
But I still imagine

© September 21, 1987

The Best Of The EcoHumanePolitical Poetry of Mark Elsis


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Jean Hudon, Coordinator

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Tune Into The Meria Heller Internet Radio Show
Listen to the archived shows of February 28th and April 25th, Mark Elsis
was the guest talking about a wide variety of EcoHumanePolitical issues.
If Homo sapiens are going to survive as a species, we had better
understand and quickly heed the inherent limits of Mother Nature."
Meria Heller Internet radio show anytime, anywhere at


1) Biotech: The Basics by Rachel Massey On GeneticEngineering.net

2) Do Something Wonderful For Yourself And Humanity Daily

3) For All The Latest EcoHumanePolitical News

4) For All The Latest EcoHumanePolitical Direct Actions

5) The Number One Issue Facing Humanity Is Mass Species Extinction

6) We Have Passed Sustainability And Our Population Is Crashing

7) The .Com Websites For 365 Top EcoHumanePolitical Celebrities

8) Easily eMail Anyone In Both Houses Of The United States Congress

9) Imagine John Lennon Day Sign Our Petition To Make This A Reality

10) Non Corporate Spin The Best Alternative News Links

11) Extinction Solutions Creating The Solutions To Stop the Extinctions

12) Lovearth And WorldWatch Team Up To Publish Article Online

13) Corporate Take Over Of Fresh Water The # 1 Censored Story Of 2000

14) The Top 25 Censored Stories From Project Censored

15) The Importance Of Coral Reefs, The Rainforests Of The Oceans

16) The August / September Newsletter: Global Warming


1) Biotech: The Basics by Rachel Massey On GeneticEngineering.net
"Genetic engineering is the process by which genes are altered and
transferred artificially from one organism to another. Genes, which
are made of DNA, contain the instructions according to which cells
produce proteins; proteins in turn form the basis for most of a cell's
functions. Genetic engineering makes it possible to mix genetic material
between organisms that could never breed with each other. It allows
people to take genes from one species, such as a flounder, and insert
them into another species, such as a tomato -- thus, for example,
creating a tomato that has some of the characteristics of a fish."
The genetic engineering genie is now out of the bottle. I believe this is
tied with global warming as the second worst species threatening
endeavor Homo sapiens are doing to ourselves and all other life on Earth.
Read this educational 4 part article today and then take Direct Actions to
stop this madness. China has just passed a law to label all products that
are made by genetic engineering. In the corporate United States there
is still no law to label any products that are made by genetic engineering.

2) Do Something Wonderful For Yourself And Humanity Daily

We have selected the best 24 click to donate for free sites on the Internet
We've put them together on one website so that within 10 minutes per day
You can save over 150 square feet of our precious tropical Rainforests,
Feed 6 hungry children, save big cats, save pandas and help the homeless.

3) For All The Latest EcoHumanePolitical News
Find the latest, well selected, ecohumanepolitical news and direct actions.
Need to find ecoinformation for a school project or just to learn more
Earths.net Archive has now grown to 7 months of econews and actions.

4) For All The Latest EcoHumanePolitical Direct Actions
We constantly compile the latest and most critical direct actions for you
We put them all together on one site so you can easily lend your support
"First they ignore you.
Then they laugh at you.
Then they fight you.
Then you win."
Sign This Letter Regarding Nuclear Power And The Kyoto Protocol
Stop The McLicensing For Nuclear Power Companies
Boycott ExxonMobil
Fax The FDA To Stop Genetically Engineered Fish

5) The Number One Issue Facing Humanity Is Mass Species Extinction
Please carefully read and fully understand
Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction
It states that the number one issue now facing humanity is the manmade
ecological disaster of mass species extinction that results from Rainforests
destruction. On our present path we will reach the point where only 10%
virgin Rainforests area with 50% of Rainforests species remain by late 2012.
Please realize that if we go past this critical built-in natural threshold
of the web of life, we will most likely be bringing about our own extinction.
A New Study Supports Rainforests Biodiversity Scale Of Destruction
"Perhaps only 5% of the Amazon will survive as virgin forest by 2020."
For 5 years now we have documented in our Rainforests study that
by the year 2020 there will only be 5% virgin Rainforests remaining. and...
We must not go under the 10% virgin Rainforests / 50% species barrier.
Mass species extinction is by far the number one issue facing humanity.

6) We Have Passed Sustainability And Our Population Is Crashing
Find out the latest true numbers why we have passed the point of
Sustainability and Homo sapiens World Population numbers reflecting
this have now been crashing for 13 straight years.
Zero Population Growth Will Occur Between 2020 To 2029
ZPG 2020 @ 6.64 Billion To ZPG 2029 @ 6.90 Billion

7) The .Com Websites For 365 Top EcoHumanePolitical Celebrities
Movie Trailers, Photos, Bios, Birthdays, Song Poll, Tour Dates, I
nteractive Message Board, Snail Mail addresses to write to each
artist and a great place to buy their music, art and books. You can
write your own brief letter about Rainforests.net and / or
Overpopulation.net and send to one or more of the celebrities asking
them to please read both of the studies and get involved.

8) Easily eMail Anyone In Both Houses Of The United States Congress
Now easily send emails to your Congressperson and both of your Senators
Find email addresses for the 435 members of the House of Representatives
And all 100 members of the Senate plus those 2 lying oil boys Dick and Bush http://www.eMailCongress.net

9) Imagine John Lennon Day Sign Our Petition To Make This A Reality
Imagine Petition -- Sunday October 9, 2005
Honoring John's 65th birthday and there after every October 9th
With an International holiday
John Lennon Day Celebrating Peace and Love on Earth
There's nothing you can do that can't be done.
Thank you for doing all you can to make John Lennon Day a reality.
Spread the Petition website to all of your family, friends and media.
Link with the petition
Get a 468 x 60 John Lennon Petition banner at

10) Non Corporate Spin The Best Alternative News Links
In a country where 10 corporations own virtually all media
Come check out the Top 50 Best Alternative News Sources

11) Extinction Solutions Creating The Solutions To Stop the Extinctions
Read about the top 36 ways to stop our extinction
Can you think of any other Extinction Solutions to add to this list?

12) Lovearth And WorldWatch Team Up To Publish Article Online
Going To Work For Wind Power
by Michael Renner

13) Corporate Take Over Of Fresh Water The # 1 Censored Story Of 2000
World Bank And Multinational Corporations Seek To Privatize Water
The Global Water Crisis and the Commodification of the
World's Water Supply
by Maude Barlow

14) The Top 25 Censored Stories From Project Censored

The 25th Anniversary Issue of Project Censored -- Censored 2001
The Year's Top 25 Censored Stories with a forward by Noam Chomsky
The Primary Objective of Project Censored is to explore and publicize
the extent of censorship in our society... The Essential Issue raised by
the project is the failure of the corporate owned mass media to provide
the people with all the information they need to make informed decisions...
Introduction: Project Censored 25th Anniversary
by Noam Chomsky

15) The Importance Of Coral Reefs, The Rainforests Of The Oceans
The biggest Coral Reefs catastrophe to date was a widespread bleaching
epidemic that occurred in 1998. Scientists blame that on the largest El Niño
and La Niña climate changes ever recorded. According to the research,
about 16 percent of the world's Coral Reefs were destroyed in nine months
and about half of those ruined reefs are likely to be gone forever. It's up to
us to learn the importance of Coral Reefs, the Rainforests of the oceans.

16) The August / September Newsletter: Global Warming


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Love Yourself And All Life On Earth
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Go In Peace


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